Safety & Security

Students learn best when schools are accessible ,safe, hygienic, reasonably comfortable and cognitively stimulating. During emergencies and critical incidents we must have plans and actions ready for:

  • the prevention of emergency
  • preparedness in the event of emergency
  • response to and recovery from emergency


Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai takes proactive measures and plans to protect the safety and security of all our students and staff members. Following are the steps for safety and security :


  • An enclosure/ appropriate boundary in and around school campus, helps to protect children and keep them within the school area.
  • Regular monitoring of the students activity, on all the floors and in labs via CCTV camera by Principal and security personnel.
  • All the Labs and Corridors equipped with Fire Extinguisher to quickly respond and prevent big fires.
  • Cleaning of Water tank – drinking water done on regular basis.
  • Regular fumigation done in the campus.
  • Bus Teachers accompany students in the bus to keep student safe during their commute.
  • Restricted entry/ exit in school campus via security personnel check.
  • Regular basic health check up for students provided by resident school Doctor
  • Firewall installed on all computers to prevent cyber crimes.


  • A mock-evacuation drill is regularly conducted for student and staff.
  • A proper evacuation plan chart has been displayed on all the floors of the campus.
  • Road Safety Patrol (RSP) workshops and drills conducted on a regular basis for preventing Accidents.
  • Students are trained in First-Aid through workshop and activities.



  • In house Doctor and Nurse, to help and recover child with first aid medical attention.
  • Variety of Fire Extinguishers placed at all major placed inside the school building to quickly recover from emergencies.