Photo Gallery

August 2019
One Minute Speech - Class III-V (1st August 2019) Mock Election Activity Class IV & V (2nd August 2019) Science Exhibition 2019-20 (03rd August 2019) Debate Competition (IX-X) 07th August 2019
English Elocution -Class XI-XII (07th August 2019) Marathi Katha Kathan Class VI-VIII (20th August 2019) Flood Relief Donation Science Quiz -(Class IV & V) 22nd August 2019
Fit India Movement (29th August 2019)
July 2019
EVS Activity - Class I-IV (03rd &04th July 2019) Parents Orientation Class VI (06th July 2019) Optical Illusion Class IV & V (08th July 2019) Optical Illusion (Bird in the Cage) Class III & IV (10th July 2019)
Mask Making Activity Class I (10th July 2019) Sandwich Making Activity Class VII & VIII (10th July 2019) Hindi Handwriting Competition Class I & II (11th July 2019) Hindi Paragraph writing Class IV & V (11th July 2019)
Guru Purnima Celebration (16th July 2019) Music Workshop - Class IX (16th July 2019) Dance Activity -(23rd July 2019) Pre-Primary Activities (July)
June 2019
Clay Moulding Activity - Class I & II (17th June 2019) Marathi Chart Making Activity - Class IX & X (17th June 2019) Parents Singing Concert -Aaroh (29th June 2019) Dry Flowers Greeting Card Activity -IV & V- (27th June 2019)
May 2019
Maharashtra Day Celebration (1st May 2019) International School Tour - Switzerland/Germany/Italy
April 2019
Mont I Orientation (2019-20) School Re-opening - Class VI-XII (22nd April 2019) Earth Day Activity Class V (22nd April 2019) Parent Orientation Class X (20th April 2019)
Marathi Shuddha Lekhan (25th April 2019) ISA Activity - Fun with flag (Class X)-25th April 2019 Class XII Farewell (26th April 2019) International Dance Day Celebration (30th April 2019)