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Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai, would like to be evaluated, rated on the hopefulness and confidence exhibited, today and later, by its students and on their ability to retain purpose in life long after the sweet school days are over.  The schools aims to provide the right mix of exposure to knowledge, of opportunities to test and hone various personal skills, and of competitions to partake and self-realise to each and every one student.

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Principal speaks

“Human civilization is on the cusp of a major change unseen before in social order and existence."

The 21st century has witnessed in less than a score of years, knowledge explosion – triggered and sustained by an explosion in technology. The super rapid change is finally and truly happening here engulfing everyone…rich or poor, literate or otherwise, mighty and the meek, in the tropics and the tundra.


What’s New

Upcoming Events to feed your brain.


First Aid and Bandage Workshop – Class VIII-X


22 August 2019

Science Quiz Competition – Class IV & V


22 August 2019

Independence Day Celebration


15 August 2019

English Elocution Competition – Class XI & XII


07 August 2019

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