Principal’s Message


Human civilization is on the cusp of a major change unseen before in social order and existence. The 21st century has witnessed in less than a score of years, knowledge explosion – triggered and sustained by an explosion in technology. The super rapid change is finally and truly happening here engulfing everyone … rich or poor, literate or otherwise, mighty and the meek, in the tropics and the tundra. Even as knowledge explodes all around, the need to understand "what is needed and what is not needed" remains unchanged.

Schools and educational institutions, traditional gateways to knowledge, are now being challenged to prove their relevance and readiness in this high adrenaline churn. Can they fight and sustain themselves in this age of social media, smartphones, and all pervasive cyber space? Are the students, teachers, parents and administrators reasonably aware of the events and changes in social atmosphere of which they are part?

The continued need and relevance of schools will now be measured by how much they can contribute to their students’ readiness to swim along and against the often unpredictable social current and their ability to sustain hope about life and existence and how much purposeful they can become. They would also be challenged to demonstrate their contribution to helping students remain benign in the midst of high spinning social change.

As Head of the Institution, I would like Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai, to be evaluated and rated on how it succeeds in preparing students to be able and confident go-getters, today and all days to come, to ever retain purpose in life long after their sweet school days. The school shall continue to aim to provide the right mix of exposure to knowledge and remaining ever positive, even while moving from one level of wisdom to the next higher level.


(Ganesh Parameswaran)