Interesting Resources & Lockdown Creatives

Interesting Resources
S.NO Title Link
1 Interesting Facts about our Number System
2 The Deep Sea
3 Scenic Drone shoot of Mumbai during Coronavirus Lockdown
5 The Hindu - 31 Minute Activity (44) for Children
Sounds of Birds
7 Katha with Karadi Click here for the link
8 Yoga is Fun
9 The James Dyson Foundation (JDF)- Engineering & Science Challenge Cards
10 Safari Drive for Kids in the 'Kruger National Park', South Africa
11 What can we learn from 1918 Influenza Diaries
12 Robin Age Anniversary Issue
14 Earth Day 2020! Celebrate our home planet with these online activities
15 Amazing Facts!
Lockdown Creatives
S.No. Title Link
1. Song by- Sagarika Pillai on Mother Earth View Link
2. Earth Song - BBPS Navi Mumbai
3. Speech on English Language Day - Vijwaldeep Singh
4. TED UTAustin (TED Talk ) - 27 Nakshatra Model
5. Video by BBPS NM Sports Team
6. Beautiful Artwork by the Students Sahitya Shankar - X Tulip

Sanbartak Sarkar - X Tulip

Bhavana Pawar - X Tulip

Stuti Athani - X Tulip

Angel Joseph - VI Tulip

7. Maharashtra Day Videos (Initiative by the Students) Diya Kini - V Lily

Tanishka Raulwar - VIII Rose

Roshnee Bose - XII Rose

8. Faith in Action: Spirituality and Mental Health Aditya S. - XII Aster
9. Significance of Buddha Purnima Kamya Gupta - X Tulip
10. Dedicated to all the Mothers on 'Mother's Day' Tanvi Sharma (XII Tulip) & M. Roopali (XII Tulip)
11 Video on Computer Virus - Created by students of class VII Lily Students of VII Lily
12 Covid-19 Precaution explained through Dance by Devanshi Mehta - VI Lily Devanshi Mehta - VI Lily
13 Video on National anti Terrorism Day 2020 Adiya and Teesha - XII Aster